Redevelopment Documents

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Redevelopment Documents

Redevelopment Documents :

Though the government is drafting the procedure for deemed Conveyance, the Society should appoint / hire professionally competent advocate having expertise in Conveyance Cases for legal solution.
The following property documents for redevelopment can be obtained from respective departments :

Property Card and CTS Plan from city survey office,

Old Building approved Plans and other permissions from BMC office,

Property tax paid From BMC’s Assessment Department.

ULC order from Collector’s office,

Non-Agricultural Order and N.A. Tax Paid Receipt from Collector’s office,

DP / TP remarks from respective departments (CST office),

Registration receipt and Stamp duty paid proof from the Registrar’s office,

Registered conveyance / Index II from the Registrar’s office,

Search report from an Advocate and

Title Clearance Certificate about the property by an Advocate

Utkarsh Jani