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Redevelopment Simplified –

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Understanding the Redevelopment


Redevelopment is commonly described as “Adaptive reuse, where older structures which have outlive their uses are converted into new ones”. It is an opportunity for people living in old weak buildings to have a chance at living in modern contemporary building, making it a better place for people to live in and accommodate new people. Today a major amount of long standing buildings are in need of structural adjustments and enhancements, however the existing members of that society find it a daunting task to accumulate such large amount of funds to carry on such tasks.


Extension in families call for larger areas to dwell in, time worn hosing societies have certain hitches such as lack of proper security system, lack of modern amenities, play areas for kids, water seepage , dearth of parking lots, lack of toilets attached to apartments in chawl systems, etc. Redevelopment boosts these shortcomings with better refurbished amenities transforming dreaded establishments into modern buildings reaching the global high standards of living.


Redevelopment opens a whole new portal in the world of housing societies as vacant and un-encroached land seems only like a myth to carry out any further construction. On the other hand a number of old housing societies that have dilapidated buildings need augmentations to be done. However refurbishing estimates over the budget for society members and flat owners. This is the major reason behind societies willing to opt for redevelopment to acquire definitive safety.


Utkarsh Jani