Redevelopment Bidding Process


  • Preparation of Tender for Redevelopment :

Preparation of Tender document, ”Tender” is a crucial document, which is to be designed meticulously to avoid any kind of misunderstanding/argument during the course of project. It shall contain mandatory conditions, various information’s to bidder, technical specifications, general conditions, and detailed specifications.



PMC will first submit the draft Tender Documents.  There should be a detailed discussion on the draft report by the PMC and Managing Committee / Redevelopment Committee.  All doubts / points on the draft documents including to pre qualification Bid and financial bid must be clarified.


  • Study of bid and Selection of Developer :



After detailed study of various bids, considering technical and commercial angle a bid comparison chart is prepared with our recommendations. We shall assist in short-listing some developers for interview and negotiations and over mutually acceptable developer is finally selected to carry out proposed work.