Redevelopment Verification

  • Verification¬†of Municipal Drawings:

After finalization of building plans the municipal drawings shall be prepared by the developer which shall be verified as in many cases developer shows one plans to the society and approves different plan in M.C.G.M. ; so afterwards society is left on the mercy of BMC officials. As a project management company, we would verify the plans of building prepared by the developers for the society members in respect of planning, area calculations, legalization and authorization of the area allotted to the members. Any alteration in the plans of society building prepared by builder should be to the satisfaction of society members.



  • Verification of Municipal Procedure:


Once the building plans and municipal drawings are approved by society, the proposal shall be submitted by the developer in M.C.G.M. for various approvals. Such approvals shall be verified at every stages to ensure that the developer carries construction activities with prior approvals and takes necessary approvals at every stages to ensure occupation of the new building.