Site Supervision & Management

  • Construction Stage (Supervision, Monitoring & Quality Control):

Identification of sources of materials viz. sand, aggregates, water, bricks etc. and getting them tested.

  • Concrete mix design.
  • Routine testing like
    • Testing cement and steel.
    • Silt testing in sand.
    • Monitoring of concrete Design Mix.
    • Cube testing for concrete mix.
  • Day to day supervision by experienced engineers.
  • Reviewing progress to check performance of contract vis–a–vis desired schedule for time and cost and safety. Noting of important deviations.
  • Ascertaining reasons for delay and recommending measures to overcome the same.
  • Quantifying Material flow at different stages of construction.
  • Checking and certifying contractors bill for payment
  • Close co-ordination with all parties to the project & with the client